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 Na-chans German lessons :D

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PostSubject: Na-chans German lessons :D   Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:14 pm

Hey everyone^^ you may know, English isn't my mother language. Haha, what surprise *sarcastic*
Well...I think you see it in my posts that I'm not English or so :'D

My mother language is German - Austrian German.
There are Differents between Ausrian German and...German German? Yeah, there are. But they are quite small...I don't even can give you an example xD

But first, why do I want to teach German?
Well, I like languages and I'd like to learn Russian, Spanish and Japanese (for example) in the (near?) future and I also love to teach German. Because I think that learning or teaching a language is quite fun^^

Right now I think about making a YouTube account where I teach German...but well, it's just an idea...or better "dream" yet :'D I hope that it works xD

Soo...then there comes teaching. But I don't want to teach German so..."teacher-like". I'd like to teach you German that YOU want to know.
Because I don't think a language is fun if you only learn stuff that doesn't interests you. Of course it's necessary if you want to learn a language properly, but it doesn't have to be ONLY such "boring" stuff.
So just let me know what I should teach you and then I'll try to teach you that^^

I hope this works and I'm really looking forward to it Very Happy



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Na-chans German lessons :D
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